Curvy Girls Can't Date Quarterbacks (The Curvy Girl Club®)

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Author: Stelting, Kelsie

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 444

Release Date: 22-07-2020

Details: Emerson Academy’s star quarterback has six pack abs and a line of girls ready to date him while I spend more time alone in the art room than I ever do with people. But that’s about to change.
The mean girl told me someone like him would never date a plus size girl, and my mouth spoke before my brain thought. I bet her I could get the star quarterback, Beckett Langley, to take me to homecoming. And he doesn’t even know I exist.
It’s all fun and games, trying to get his attention so she’ll stop making fun of me. But then I get to know the real Beckett. He’s tired of only being thought of as a good-looking jock, just like I don’t like people judging me.
And now I have a really big problem: he doesn’t know our relationship is built on a bet.
And I don’t know how to tell him the truth without losing the first and only guy I’ve ever loved.

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Languages: English

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