Hi there – my name is Sandra and welcome to the first installment of my blog Solve My Life! If you are here for the very first time, I hope you will stay to the end. And please hit the like button or share some comments below so I can get to know you a little bit too!

If you found me through my fashion website, CurvyGirlKnits.com – welcome to my blog! If you found me through a search engine you may find times when you are first directed to my fashion website. Just scroll to the bottom of the site and you can click on the link of my latest blog.

SO - why are you here? Why am I here? I am here to be your support and encourage you to face your struggles, fears and change. To let you know you are not alone. To show you how I am doing it, and keep on doing it, no matter what or how long it takes.

But what gives me that authority? Absolutely nothing… and EVERYTHING!

  • My desire and success.
  • I keep showing up.
  • I am an expert still struggling and overcoming, not just obstacles, but also myself.

Great change keeps happening and I keep moving forward. I will help you find that perseverance too!

I have a strong desire share. I don’t want others to struggle, and not make progress, because they don’t have support and the benefit of another’s experience, without judgement. I have been so fortunate in my life to have strong women in my close circle of friends. Women who are not afraid to speak up, confront, and face their fears. They inspire me, encourage me, and help me to do the same.

Throughout my blog posts you will learn more about me, my upbringing, and the journey down my curvy road. Many actually began as my journal entries and then they evolved into this blog.

Journaling is a big part of my sanity and what grounds me. I have an entire blog devoted to journaling that will be posted in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, I would like to suggest getting a journal, notebook, anything you can make notes in and keep it with you as much as possible.

Throughout my blogs you will see highlighted questions to ask yourself, I as I have asked myself, and write down your answers. There are no wrong answers and your answers will change over time. Writing it down is better than just answering in your head. Trust me. You will learn a lot about yourself!

Let me share a little about where I come from and what I have accomplished and overcome.

First, I don’t understand how I can possibly be over 50 (59 at this writing) and how quickly time has gone by. That’s why it is so important to live in the moment.

Do you live in the moment?

How do you know if you do?

Do you live in the moment in only good times or do you dwell in the moments of negativity.

I have been overweight since I was a child. I have a pretty good family and was virtually raised by a grandmother who was the greatest of all those strong women in my life. I strive to be even just a small bit of the incredible woman she was, who embraced life with gusto.

In spite of a decent upbringing, I still struggled with confidence, maturity and being grounded.

I have battled depression all of my life, however, I didn’t realize it until I was in my 40’s. I am a fairly smart person, so I was able to overcome the depression much of the time. However, it took its toll on me. I finally started to take medication for it, first shamefully, until I realized it is just my brain’s chemistry. It does not define who I am, and I am able to live with it, side-by-side, every day. I cannot overcome it, but I can change the chemistry in my brain, so that I can live with it and lessen its effects on my daily life. Sometimes, it’s even what makes me stronger.

When it comes to relationships I have never been married and have no children. Frankly, most of my early life I just didn’t want either. I was too busy. I am actually glad that I didn’t have children. It just wasn’t something in my nature. I love them, but I think I am too selfish to have been a good mother. And I mean that in a good way. It’s okay to be selfish. We can talk about that another time…there is a good selfish and a bad selfish.

What do you think of being selfish?

When, if ever, are you selfish?

In my mid-twenties I found therapy. And it completely changed my life. I had a great therapist who took me under her wing. She was tough on me, called me on my crap and wouldn’t give me answers. She taught me how to find my own.

That led to years of therapy, whether life was easy or hard. I knew a good therapist when I met one. I have learned so much from therapy. It enables me to ask myself good, hard questions and it has given me the strength, many times, to move forward. I would learn to know there is light at the end of a dark tunnel.

I did not have a great one revelation that changed my life overnight or in a matter of a few months. It’s been years of therapy, baby steps, defiance, school, unemployment, and successful employment. There was more school, and more journaling of my thoughts, ideas and deepest feelings, desires and fears.

When I turned 50 years old, I had a birthday cake that didn’t say “Happy Birthday” instead I had “Livin’ Life to the Fullest” written on it.

The women in my family live well into their 90s’ and my grandmother was 100 years old when she passed. At 50, I knew I had a great chance of having another 40+ years ahead of me. Imagine what I could do in that time. I knew I had to step it up. I knew I had so much more life to live. I needed to renew that strength. And then, I lost my job. I didn’t find good employment for another 6 years. We’ll talk about that more another time. These moments were life changing.

What life-changing moments have you had?

Which moments do you focus on, positive or negative?

What changes do you wish you could make right now?

Writing this blog, creating videos and sharing my stories, insights, hopes and dreams is where I also find my strength. I will learn from you, I can empathize with you and I want to share our journeys together. Together we will find success and meet our goals.

Throughout these blogs I will share with you how I strive to stay in the moment. I know that you will find something that will help you too! I will share writing, meditation, eating rituals, and many other types of exercises with you to help you become more grounded, become clear with your intentions, and discover DREAMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD HAVE! I will show you how to not only be in the moment but to also LIVE IN THE MOMENT!

It’s not easy. No lies.

It’s not quick. So true.

It’s worth it. I promise. Together we can walk the talk!

Here is what I hope for you and your journey – willingness and faith.

That is why I am here. I am here to serve you in a most selfish way. I do it with love and an open mind.

Tell me why you are here.

Thanks for spending time with me today. Thank you for allowing me to share with you and I hope you have a little more insight as to who I am and what brings me here.

Take a moment and let me know who you are and why you came here to my blog today in the comments below. Follow me here: sandra@solvemylife.com and get notified when a new blog posts.

Please feel free to be open and please don’t judge anyone who leaves a comment. Be that strong person who supports and inspires our circle of friends that meet here. Be that person in your comment below for other people reading the comments. Inspire us with your comments!

Thanks to YOU, for reading, listening, and believing in yourself to read this all the way through and doing something for yourself.

Finally, and this will not be the last time that I say this, but I promise you, that in each and every blog I post, you can find answers you are looking for. Only you can find them.

Until next time, with hugs and a smile!




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