Welcome to Curvy Girl Knits!

I have been a Curvy Girl since I was a teenager. I have heard it all, like, “You have such a pretty face…” Well what is wrong with the rest of me?!? NOTHING! I proceeded through the next 30+years feeling/thinking like I was good enough but not sure I believed everyone else did. I LOVE clothes and have had to make my own if I wanted something special. I would walk through countless stores wishing that the cool stuff would fit, and I am tired of frumpy, plain or conservative clothing that was made in my size.

Our website will be adding more items in stages. First up is accessories! Then, our most popular items, our t-shirts and tunics, will be introduced by mid-summer 2022. Then we will also be launching our new jewelry line made specifically for the curvy woman. Bracelets will be a little larger, necklaces will be a little longer, and always keeping in mind the best proportions for our greatest curves!

The concept behind my designs

I have watched my shape change over the years, where I once had a waist there is no more. I have surveyed my friends asking questions about the challenges they face buying clothes. What do they love, hate, what do they wish they had more of a selection from which to choose. What kind of sleeves do you like? A short sleeve that is too short is no longer flattering. Do you have to buy a larger size to accommodate your stronger bust or bolder hips, only to have your garment not fit you elsewhere.

I also have tried to avoid the term “plus size” and “full figured.” Instead, I like to use words such as strong, bold, brave, daring, courageous, bodacious, carefree, confident, and assertive. Maybe you don’t think of yourself using these words to describe your body, so I would like to challenge you to pick one and embrace it as yours.

For instance, I don’t like it when an armhole hangs down and is not fitted under my arm. I don’t like it when I lift my arms, the whole garment moves up with it. These arm holes should be more fit so you have freedom of movement with modesty but still give you the fullness in the middle.

All of this requires feedback from YOU!  Let me know if you like items longer, shorter (another challenge for me buying clothes as I am 5’10” tall), do the adjustable portions of the clothes work, feel comfortable and not noticeable on the outside. My focus is on tops for the time being. There are enough pants out there, and basic t-shirts, some skirts etc. So as my customers give me feedback I will adapt and grow.

Finally, I am not advocating living an unhealthy lifestyle. I still need to exercise, eat healthier foods in smaller quantities, and take care of my health. While I keep moving forward to become a healthier woman, I strive to embrace exactly who I am at this moment, and be the kind of woman I wish to be – right now!