I Love My Curves Embroidered Make-up/Accessories Bag. Comes in a variety of colors!


Celebrate self-love with our adorable Curvy Girl accessory bag, embroidered with "I Love My Curves" and our logo. Available in various colors and English/Spanish versions. Embrace your beauty and confidence with this empowering statement piece!

Our ample triangular bag, 7" wide x 6" tall with a 3 ½" wide base, offers abundant storage space. Its unique shape stands tall and sturdy for easy access to contents through the 6" top opening. Practical and stylish!

The bag is 100%  cotton. The back side is blank except for our website embroidered at the bottom. The lining is random in color or pattern unless otherwise specified. 

(This listing is for the bag only, any accessories show in pictures are NOT included.)

 And, as always, Love Your Curves!

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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